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Jan 18

Feedback on Version 1.0 - Chord Progression Generator for Guitar


This post is for thoughts and discussion on our first ever beta-release, the chord progression generator for guitar.


Version 1 is a single screen app that features 12 standard chord progressions for both right and left handed players. There are four tempo speeds the user can select from. The phone app controls the display on it's connected iWatch app, so you can select a chord progression and tempo you'd like to practice, then use your watch to practice.


Features We're Currently Working On For Chord Progression Generator:

- Sliding Tempo Range

- All Chords

- Generator Based on Root Note & Progression Type

- Auto-Scrolling Background for Full Fret Board Visualization

- Standalone Watch App


We also threw in a little preview of our next tools, chord progressions for piano, and scale generator for guitar.


We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so let us know what you're thinking!

Jan 24

It would be great if there was an integrated metronom. Either noise or the watch haptic that buzzed to the selected tempo.



Jan 24

Watchface screen rotation depending on handing. Optional audio tone played through watch for scales. Built in tuner.

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